Mountain Bike Riding Tips and Techniques


Mountain biking is one of the most thrilling and exciting sport. Be it with a pro or amateur, it rules the hearts of many irrespective of its level, age and gender. Although populous, yet the sport is neophobic for many and ranks top on the list of all other sports. It shows a promising learning curve in the beginning but slows down as one move into the depth of ocean. This article is a guidance on the various tips and tricks that will help your overcome all the barriers and sharpen your skills while mountain biking.

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike, Diamondback Bicycles Hardtail Tess 24 and MeraxFinniss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike are trending in recent times. Therefore, these are the best mountain bikes to consider at this moment. Although you may buy the best bikes and accessories with perfect blend and mixture, the techniques involved while you ride is more important than your bikes and accessories. If you are considering mountain riding irrespective of professional or amateur experience, here’s a very useful buyers guide for you folks.

Safety Guide and TIPS

Mountain biking involves high risk when it comes to safety. The most important is to gear yourself up with helmet. There are lots of brands which provide beautiful and sturdy helmets. It is of great significance to consider your protection during a mountain climb.

  1. A falling rider put hands out to stop their fall, hence a glove is important to have the grip on even on a fall. Also, it reduces fatigue during long rides.
  2. Knees and elbows are also prone to grave injuries. Hence do carry your knee pad to assure safety.
  3. Mountain Biking should be done once you are accessorized with the protective elements. This is a useful tip that adds to your delight and adventure.


A successful mountain climb on your bike is not just about riding it blindly but it demands attention and some key techniques to assure a proper ride and conquer to the top with an exciting journey. Some of the most important techniques that must be kept in mind during a mountain biking journey are highlighted below:


‘Brake is an aid to acceleration’. As the saying flows, enjoy your bike’s acceleration and keep an eye on the brake you apply as you progress in your journey. While braking don’t use more than two fingers on brake lever, preferably one which will help to give better control.

Braking smoothly is a key for safety and efficient ride. Slow down on corners and complete your braking before the beginning of a turn, pushing back lightly to reduce your momentum is few tips on smooth braking.

Steering and Cornering

Steering and Cornering is another technique which one should remember while on the go. Pointing your head and shoulder to the direction of motion will lead to a successful turn. Don’t steer early on turns since you might lose control. Make long sweep turns on loose surfaces to balance your turns. On higher speed lean your bikes rather than turning the bars. Remember maintain a body posture aligned vertically to the ground while straight driving and increase your turn ratio while turning which will help you to reduce your center of gravity, thereby improving balance.

Gear Selection

The selection of gears is all about efficiency and experience. But one simple way is to always select your gears in advance. Always have a game plan of your ride well before you start with it.

How to find Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is one of the most downloaded and popular game of 2016 and here is a reason for it. The reason is the game is completely different from other games. The game makes every gamer move. It uses the gamer’s location and trails it on the map. The avatar moves only if the person moves in actual life. So if you are a lazy gamer then this game is not for you. The game has many attractive Pokémon of different abilities and power. You just need to download the latest version of Pokemon Go APK.

The game also has berries and potions to help Pokémon. The gamers get a pokedex to keep a record of Pokémon they have caught and Pokémon they have seen but not caught. Also there are gyms where gamers can battle gym leaders and win a badge. Pokestops are meant to help gamers. It replenishes pokeballs and provided berries and potions to the trainers. Some Pokémon are easy to find while some take a great deal of effort. Amongst them are the Legendary Pokémon that are impossible to find.

The Legendary Pokémon


Legendary Pokémon refers to Pokémon of highest level of CP of that element. These Pokémon are rarest of rare and cannot be captured in the wild. They can only be caught by Master Ball. They have high levels of stats for that element. There are three legendary bird Pokémon of three different elements. There are two psychic Pokémon which are also considered as legendary. Then there is one normal type Pokémon which is very rare and so has gain popularity as legendary Pokémon. These legendary Pokémon are –

  • Articuno, which is an AnIce/Flying type of Pokémon; its maximum CP is 2978.16 and highest stat is 242 which is defense.
  • Zapdos, which is an Electric/Flying type of Pokémon; its maximum CP is 3114.38 and highest stat is 232 which is attack.
  • Moltres, which is a Fire/Flying type of Pokémon; its maximum CP is 3240.47 and highest stat is 242 which is attack.
  • Mewtwo, which is a psychic type of Pokémon; its maximum CP is 4144.75 and highest stat is 284 which is attack.
  • Mew, which is a psychic type of Pokémon; its maximum CP is 3299.17 and highest stats are 220 for both defense and attack.
  • Ditto, which is a normal type of Pokémon; its maximum CP is 919.62 and highest stat is 110 for both defense and attack. Its ability to take form of any Pokémon is what makes it in demand.

How to find legendary Pokémon?

Through the games decoded data it is clear that these Pokémon cannot be captured in the wild. Although there is a rumor that says that Niantic has hinted that these Pokémon might be available in a special event in future. Another theory is that you might get legendary Pokémon according to the team you choose. For example if you have chosen team Valor then you will get Moltres. Also you can find the remaining three Pokémon by hatching eggs.

One Small Investment Can Improve Your Health

There are a number of reasons why water purification is essential and while there are various methods that you can opt in for in order to purify the water that reaches your home a best water filter jug happens to be one of the most effective ways to purify the water. Most people believe that tap water is safe for consumption; however there are a number of reasons why you should avoid drinking water straight out of the taps. To begin with, while you might regularly clean and replace the pipes that deliver the water to your home; you can’t vouch for the same for the pipes across the city. This means the water is already contaminated by the time it reaches your tap.


This water usually has a high content of chlorine present in it. The chlorine is usually added to keep the water looking clean and pure; however all it does is add a pungent taste to the water and makes it bitter. Chlorine is not really great to consume and when you use a water filter jug, you successfully manage to get rid of about 99% of all the chlorine present in the water.  This helps to improve the taste as well as the quality of the water you drink.

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Your Smartphone Is Now A Television Too

If you love to watch movies or if you have a show on television that you can’t seem to get enough of, downloading the ShowBox app is one of the best things you can do. While you have the option of recording these shows or movies when they air on television, this process is irritating and there will be days you might forget to do so. In case you can’t watch a recorded show on a particular day, you might even have to record over it to save on space. However with the ShowBox app, you can now watch some of your favorite shows and movies without having to record or download anything. Click here for more information.

The best part about this app is that it updates all the latest shows and airs the latest episodes as and when the episode is aired on television. This means you do not need to wait for a long time to watch these shows. ShowBox is a free app which can be downloaded on all Android devices and is very easy to use. Apart from staying updated with the latest shows, you can also choose to watch some of the best movies using the app.


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How Water Softeners Help Protect Your Glassware?

One of the main reasons glassware looks so great is because of its clear texture and the shine it has, however when you wash your glassware with hard water, it loses its shine and clear texture and becomes blurry and whitish. If you’re looking for ways to get rid of this problem, investing in a water softener (read about water softener systems on this webpage) is one of the best things to do. While there are a number of cleaning agents available in the market that promise shiny glassware, none of them will prove to be effective when you wash the glassware with hard water.


One of the main reasons is that hard water contains very high levels of metal and minerals. This prevents any cleaning agent from diluting in the water. This is something you will notice when you try to lather up soap in hard water. The lather you expect will never form since the soap does not dilute. While the cleaning agent melts, it remains as a residue on the glassware and this makes your glassware look very dull, blurry and dirty. A water softener helps to get rid of all the excess metal and minerals in the water and helps to clean the glassware in a more effective manner.

One of the biggest advantages of using a water softener is reducing the skin diseases. Hard water brings with it lots of chemicals and harmful effects on the skin. By continued usage of hard water there are a lot of skin diseases that can have harmful and irritating effects on the skin. Using soft water can reduce the chances of contracting skin diseases such as eczema and other similar diseases that are caused by hard water. Soft water makes the skin a lot clearer and makes it look shiny as well. Another major advantage of using a water softener is heating water efficiently. Heating pipes that contain soft water tend to work more efficiently than heating pipes that contain hard water. It also means that lesser electricity by almost 10% is consumed when soft water is used. Using a water softener is one of the best ways to save money in the long run. It increases the life of all appliances in the house and reduces the maintenance needed on the plumbing in the house and other internal parts of the house. The money saved by using a water softener is more than you can imagine. If you are interested, then you can read reviews of the best saltless water softener.

My Husband is an Iraq War Veteran, A Marine, A Hero to Our Country…

We started this website on June 13th with an Open Letter to the Public.  Things change fast and, since that Tuesday, some of the circumstances that are in the letter have changed.  For example, my husband, Cpl Trent Thomas, is no longer in shackles and we are using his name publicly now.

The original letter will stay posted (see below).  But, to account for the changes, we are now posting updates.  Please check back often to read the latest information.  The updates are below, in chronological order, after the letter.  If you have already read the letter, here’s a link that will take you directly to the updates