Mountain Bike Riding Tips and Techniques


Mountain biking is one of the most thrilling and exciting sport. Be it with a pro or amateur, it rules the hearts of many irrespective of its level, age and gender. Although populous, yet the sport is neophobic for many and ranks top on the list of all other sports. It shows a promising learning curve in the beginning but slows down as one move into the depth of ocean. This article is a guidance on the various tips and tricks that will help your overcome all the barriers and sharpen your skills while mountain biking.

BEIOU Carbon Fiber 650B Mountain Bike, Diamondback Bicycles Hardtail Tess 24 and MeraxFinniss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike are trending in recent times. Therefore, these are the best mountain bikes to consider at this moment. Although you may buy the best bikes and accessories with perfect blend and mixture, the techniques involved while you ride is more important than your bikes and accessories. If you are considering mountain riding irrespective of professional or amateur experience, here’s a very useful buyers guide for you folks.

Safety Guide and TIPS

Mountain biking involves high risk when it comes to safety. The most important is to gear yourself up with helmet. There are lots of brands which provide beautiful and sturdy helmets. It is of great significance to consider your protection during a mountain climb.

  1. A falling rider put hands out to stop their fall, hence a glove is important to have the grip on even on a fall. Also, it reduces fatigue during long rides.
  2. Knees and elbows are also prone to grave injuries. Hence do carry your knee pad to assure safety.
  3. Mountain Biking should be done once you are accessorized with the protective elements. This is a useful tip that adds to your delight and adventure.


A successful mountain climb on your bike is not just about riding it blindly but it demands attention and some key techniques to assure a proper ride and conquer to the top with an exciting journey. Some of the most important techniques that must be kept in mind during a mountain biking journey are highlighted below:


‘Brake is an aid to acceleration’. As the saying flows, enjoy your bike’s acceleration and keep an eye on the brake you apply as you progress in your journey. While braking don’t use more than two fingers on brake lever, preferably one which will help to give better control.

Braking smoothly is a key for safety and efficient ride. Slow down on corners and complete your braking before the beginning of a turn, pushing back lightly to reduce your momentum is few tips on smooth braking.

Steering and Cornering

Steering and Cornering is another technique which one should remember while on the go. Pointing your head and shoulder to the direction of motion will lead to a successful turn. Don’t steer early on turns since you might lose control. Make long sweep turns on loose surfaces to balance your turns. On higher speed lean your bikes rather than turning the bars. Remember maintain a body posture aligned vertically to the ground while straight driving and increase your turn ratio while turning which will help you to reduce your center of gravity, thereby improving balance.

Gear Selection

The selection of gears is all about efficiency and experience. But one simple way is to always select your gears in advance. Always have a game plan of your ride well before you start with it.